Anne Samojedny, P.T.

My son, Rubio, is three years old and has been seeing Annie Samojedny since he was almost two years old. I've watched Annie help Rubio reintegrate parts of him that were being “held” or were blocked. During growth spurts she's helped his body receive all the change that occurred from growing. 

Annie always presents Rubio with a space that is open and safe for him to enter as he is ready. I really appreciate how she never pushes him past where he shows it feels safe. Her touch is so clear and sensitive. Watching them work together I can see him processing change as the session progresses. It is amazing to see him letting go while receiving at the same time. I am so thankful for the presence of Annie in Rubio's live. -- Elizabeth C.   

'I like to call my son Justin, aged 10, a work in progress. With seven years of biomedical treatments and alternative therapies under our belts, he has worked his way off the autistic spectrum. CranioSacral therapy was an integral part of Justin's treatment. Although he had received CranioSacral therapy in the past, I had never seen the kinds of results we have achieved with Annie Samojedny. She is truly gifted. The only way I can describe it is that she peels away issues layer by layer and brings my son to another level.  

'After one of Annie's treatments Justin came home and said, “Mom, I want to run for Student Council.” I was totally shocked.   I don't think he was aware that there even was a Student Council the year before! Well he ran for president, didn't win, but the principal was so impressed with the speech he gave that she made him class representative.  

'Next year Justin is planning on going to a private school that has an accelerated curriculum. I don't think we could have done this without Annie. She has truly given my son another level of awareness that he did not have before and we will be forever grateful!'  -- Elisa D.  

Thank you Annie for all the help you've given me and my children!

I had chronic shoulder pain for thirteen years as a result of a car accident (whiplash).  Annie fixed it in ONE visit and made me a true believer in her miraculous work.  

My youngest daughter has a hot temper and sensory issues.  The work Annie has done with her has helped to mellow her out and has taken care of all the symptoms caused by head injuries sustained in her 5 short years of life.  

Annie has also helped tremendously with my older daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum, unfortunately falling on the low functioning end. Recently Annie helped to set her bowels and GI system straight to help alleviate her reflux which was especially helpful when she went through periods of detoxifications (to treat the Autism). Annie has been able to settle her into herself so she isn't so agitated and aggressive. Annie helps to calm her down and resets her sensory system so that she is much more able to cope with the stresses of the world. -- Nancy F.    

“I saw Anne Samojedny several times when I was in distress over an acute injury which included hip surgery and a severely sprained ankle. Anne Samojedny is a master of body mechanics and healing. She has a truly unique approach. There were times when she utilized muscle manipulation in addition to all sorts of modalities with which I was not as familiar. The end result was that I always left Annie S. feeling like I was truly fortunate to have had her healing hands and talents working with my body. Her ability to help me become aware of my skeletal structure and its connection to my muscles has been truly enlightening. The affects were immediate. I could actually feel the difference as I walked back to my car after a session with her.  -- Rosemary L.    

“My children are my life and I wouldn't trust them to anyone but Annie Samojedny at this point. My daughter had Colic with Torticolis and we had a very difficult few weeks. We found Annie and she changed our lives. My daughter was 99% improved in a matter of weeks after seeing Annie. My son also had issue an issue that needed treatment, severe reflux. However with Annie's help he is better.  - Jennifer L.  

Prior to CranioSacral Therapy, I experienced respiratory distress when the dosage of Prednisone I was taking was lowered beyond a certain point. Therapy kept my breathing tubes open and allowed my doctor to gradually lower and wean me off the steroid without any distress. I am no longer dependent on the medicine or oxygen. CranioSacral Therapy gave me back my life.” -- Zel S.   

Annie ... after (my 9 year old daughter) saw you, I told her she had happiness inside of her all the time, but because she was not in a place of balance, she just couldn't feel it. I told her you gave her balance. Now her job is to recognize how that feels and to use the tools you gave her to try to keep in balance for as long as she can.  Really, Annie...the change is pretty dramatic. I didn't realize how "off" she was until I saw this recent change in her for the positive.  Thank you. Thank you. Don't worry, we will continue to do our work too to support your work.  With gratitude - Tricia

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