Multiple Hands

Both of my boys have benefitted from CranioSacral Therapy. They experience a more even-keeled emotional state. Ian, who has Apraxia and has limited verbal skills, often is more aware of his mouth muscles and will speak more clearly after a session!  

We have only had one session of “Multiple Hands,” treatment (with Annie & Anne) so far for each of our sons, but it was very clear that something was definitely happening during treatment! It was exciting to see that their bodies moved as they responded to the treatment. During the days afterward even their friends and other therapists noted how calm and better focused both boys were! -- Angela A.  

I have received treatment from Annie Samojedny for a number of years. She is a dedicated healer/practitioner/therapist. Annie has expanded her practice and is continually becoming more informed about new developments in her work. Her healing abilities have helped me a great deal.  

I have also found that Anne Schechter and Lori Siegel possess wonderful healing skills. These three individuals are sowers of hope in people who are looking for innovative and caring methods to improve their health. -- Betty T. 

My family has been seeing Annie for several years with tremendous movement forward in our health.  More recently, my son and I have both experienced multiple hands sessions with Annie and Lori.  It was extremely powerful for me to watch my son reap the benefits of this therapy.  My son, who is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder, was completely calm for the 45 minutes.  After the session he came to me and said, “Mommy,  I'm not sad anymore.” On Max's next appointment, he jumped right on the table and said “this place is perfect” and was calm and happy during the entire session! 

During “my” session, I felt completely grounded and relaxed.  Afterward I experienced a sense of laughter that I haven't felt in a long time.  The multiple hands therapy connected mind and body and brought me to a new spiritual plane.  Thank you Annie and Lori for your gifts of healing!  -- Lisa R. 

My 3 ½ year old daughter tended to lack self esteem and had a hard time expressing herself around anyone but family.  About ten days after her session with Annie and Lori, I began to notice some changes.  Her voice was more open and she was talking in front of strangers with a lot more confidence.  She was also standing up for herself at the playground.  She was clearly starting to break through her shell and her confidence growing.  She also had a little bounce in her walk and started being more adventurous, even wanting to climb trees.  Annie and Lori are extremely gifted and loving.  This work is an amazing way to help your child through difficult transitions in life.  -- “Croton Mom” 

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